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OMS: Calidad y acreditación de servicios de atención de la salud: una revisión global

World Health Organization. Evidence and Information for Policy Department of Health Service Provision, Geneva (2003): Quality and accreditation in health care services: a global review resulted from a study conducted by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) under contract to the World Health Organization


Descriptores: <Organización Mundial de la Salud> <Organizaciones internacionales> <Normas de calidad> <Acreditación&> <Evaluación> <Hospitales> <Indicadores> <Servicios de salud> <Sistema de salud> <Atención médica> <Auditoría> <Autoaprendizaje> <Calidad&> <Seguridad> <Educación sobre seguridad> <Certificados> <Calificaciones>

The first of this report’s three parts describes structures and activities at national and international levels around the world to promote quality in health care. The second part catalogues quality concepts and tools in local use in various countries. The third part outlines initiatives in health service accreditation and analyses the operation of functioning national programmes around the world. The appendices include recommendations of major international bodies and meetings on quality assurance

The World Health Organization commissioned this report in October 2000 from the International Society for Quality in Health Care in order to provide an overview of the rationale, structures, activities, tools and technologies that characterize quality assurance and quality improvement and accreditation in health care.

This aim is consistent with the increased worldwide interest in the quality of health systems. One measure of such interest is that the understanding and application of concepts and terms relevant to health systems have been continually evolving, even while this report was being prepared. This evolution is demonstrated by the term “efficiency”, which is increasingly understood to be a measure of the output of a system relative to the maximum possible output that could be achieved for a given level of input.

This report constitutes a snapshot – from a six-month, wide-angle exposure, carefull framed – of health systems quality and accreditation in health care. We hope it will be a significant contribution to the documentation of structures and processes that may help to inform local improvement of health services, especially in the developing countries.

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ISSN 2525-040X

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